Sunday, March 2, 2008

Volunteers and supporters getting involved

Since the official launch of the Veggie Pride Parade Web site, parade organizers have fielded many emails and phone calls from people wanting to get involved. Volunteers of all stripes have come forth to fill important slots in our manpower needs.

Now on board now are parade-day volunteer directors for both the marshals (Jean Thaler) and the ambassadors (Kelly Calvo).

We also have three people (Doug Greene, Lisa Lindblom, and Ariel Pennie) who have pledged to engage local veggie restaurants and pro-veg businesses to ensure their participation in the parade. Contact the organizers ( if you want to volunteer your time as well with this important need.

We have a photographer working on images of representative parade-marchers with typical signboards, which might be carried in the parade. We'll be posting those images soon to give people more creative ideas for what might be done in the parade.

Pro-vegetarian organizations have also already been in touch to arrange for table space at our post-parade rally in Washington Square Park and to buy ad space in our parade program.

In just days, we will have an interactive bulletin board, thanks to Mindy Getch, of Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned: We'll have a special blog post about that as soon as it's available.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, contact the parade organizers at Have fun, and also know that you've helped a great cause.

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