Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just three little things to promote the parade

There are three important things that anyone can do now to help make the parade a big success.

1. Promote the Veggie Pride Parade, NYC, online with your blog, podcast or vidcast or at your Meetup group, Yahoo group, Google group Web page or on your Facebook or MySpace site. Post to Internet calendars and message boards. Reach out to your non-virtual world as well: PTA, church or synagogue, union, lodge, veterans' group, co-op board, poker, book, or investors' club, wilderness society, coffee clache, or cultural or block association. Whenever the opportunity arises, break the ice with, "Have you heard there's going to be a Veggie Pride Parade this year in New York City?"

2. Post a flyer wherever you go: work, school, health club, grocery store, or house of worship. Keep a dozen or so in your satchel, along with cellophane tape, push pins, and small stapler for mounting.

3. Get a story, op-ed piece, or letter to the editor published in the mainstream media about the parade.

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