Friday, March 28, 2008

VegNews gives Veggie Pride Parade full-page ad

In exchange for various promotional benefits that our parade can offer (ad space, for instance, in our parade-day program guide), VegNews Magazine of SanFrancisco has given our Veggie Pride Parade, NYC, a full-page ad in its magazine.

For a sneak preview, click on the image here for a full-size pdf (lo-res) version of the ad.

VivaVegie Society, the sponsoring organization of the parade, is very pleased with this great gift from this the premier national vegetarian publication in the United States.

The edition of the magazine that the ad falls within will indeed also be the same one distributed free at the post-parade rally in Washington Square Park, since VegNews Magazine will be one of the event's lucky exhibitors.

Click HERE for VegNews subscription information.

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