Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tentative Exhibitor List, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2011

Following is the 
Tentative Exhibitor List, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2011
These are the invited exhibitors. 
Exhibitors are by invitation only.

A Well Fed World
American Vegan Society
author's table, Rynn Berry
Black Vegetarians of New York
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Compassion Over Killing
Deliciious TV
Farm Sanctuary
Bruce Friedrich, speaker
Friends of Animals
Green Compassion / Youth Buddhism Communications
Healthy Planet (Long Island)
Hearts for Animals
Humane Society for the United States
Integral Yoga (food donation)
Jewish Vegetarians of North America, JVNA
Dr. Michael Klaper, speaker
Lantern Books
Meetup Dot Com
Menu table
Mercy for Animals
Micah Books
Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society
Misc. food donations
Victoria Moran
North American Vegetarian Society
NY Animal Rights
Raw Revolution (food donation)
Sadhu Vaswani Center
7th Day Adventists
Supreme Master Chang Hai, Int'l.
Team Organic, vegan triathletes
United Poultry Concerns
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Radio / Vegan Bus
Vegetarian Resource Group, VRG
Vegetarian Vision
VivaVegie Society
V-Spot (food donation)
Whole Earth Bakery (food donation)
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

For images of exhibitors from years past, click HERE.

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