Saturday, February 26, 2011

Speaker/Entertainer List, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2011

Following is the 
Speaker/Entertainer list for Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2011

Doctor Michael Klaper
Bruce Friedrich, PeTA
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns
Tony Avella, state senator
Doctor Natural
Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.
H.K. Shah, Vegetarian Vision
Victoria Moran, author

Fan Fu dancer Ying Ming Yick
Bob DiBenedetto, Healthy Planet
Joan Wai, Green Compassion
DJ Cloud (Claudia Costa)
Kathy Stevens, Catskill Animal Sancturary
Patrick Kwan, HSUS
Dave Warwak, vegan activist/blogger
Dawn Moncrief, A Well-Fed World
Freya Dinshah, American Vegan Society
MC Pamela Rice, parade organizer

For images of speakers from years past, click HERE.

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