Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabulous program guide 2010 available online!

The fabulous program guide for the upcoming 2010 Veggie Pride Parade NYC is available online! Click HERE to download a PDF (3.2 mb). Everything's there: A list of speakers, exhibitors, entertainers, donors of cash, food, and prizes, the latter for the costume contest. There are two articles, a list of volunteers, and, of course, the program of events! Oh, and many many ads from the generous sponsors of the Veggie Pride Parade. This is not to be missed.
Five thousand printed program guides are due to arrive in our office at One Union Square West, #512, NYC 10003 on Friday, April 30. Volunteers are encouraged to pick up handfuls (and even shopping bags full) of guides to distribute at their favorite veggie haunts (restaurants & health-food stores, mostly). Call 212-242-0011 for more information on how you can help in this very important way to get the word out about our wonderful parade and post-parade rally & expo. Peas & luv, Pamela R.

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