Friday, May 9, 2008

Our progam guide brings it all to the table

The program / ad booklet for our Veggie Pride Parade is ready for viewing. Click on the image at left or click HERE to go to our program-guide page to download in PDF format.

Two thousand hard-copy booklets, 24 pages plus cover, will be distributed at the parade and at the post-parade rally/expo to parade and rally participants, parade watchers (bystanders) and curiosity seekers. Another 1,500 copies will be distributed in the week prior to the parade to local restaurants.

The guide gives a rundown of the day's activities, a map of the parade route, bios of the speakers, parade chants, list of exhibitors, list of companies donating prizes for the costume and signboard slogan contest, thank yous to the volunteers, and, of course, ads from advocady organizations, farm sanctuaries, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cooking schools, online stores, food producers, and sundry pro-veg companies and groups.

The program is a window on our historic day, even if you cannot in fact come to the event. The guide is sure to become a collectors' item.

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